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Our Company

Yo-Health, Inc. was formed in October 2020 with the asset purchase of a Beijing-style premium yogurt store in Woodside, NY.  Since then, our company has added Sushi, Hibachi, and Bakery products. Yo-Health, Inc. operates Yoshi restaurants, Sun & Moon Yogurt stores and Joyce’s Bakery and Café.  The company is currently headquartered in Lido Beach, NY.
The company plans to manufacture premium yogurt, juices and drinks for wholesale and retail businesses while offering sushi, hibachi and baked goods in grab-n-go style stores and restaurants. Our company currently operates 18 locations and is on a journey to expand to over 100 locations during 2022. Our goal is to target over 300 locations by the end of 2023, through opening new retail stores in key cities and acquiring existing businesses in retail and supermarket settings.
Our unique strength comes from having excellent products, experienced leadership, a vast network of restaurant/food store operators, and investor support. All restaurant and store operators are Shareholders of the company, thus making them owner-operators.  

A majority of support and investment in the company is derived from a large immigrant population, which drives our commitment to providing opportunities for all people including immigrants to achieve the American dream.  

Our Management Team


Peter Thawnghmung

Rome Headshot.png

Rome Thalop


Vila Thawnghmung


      Our Commitment

  • We are committed to providing excellent food to consumers at a fair price.

  • We are committed to treating employees and contractors fairly and with respect.

  • We are committed to providing immigrants meaningful opportunities to succeed.

  • We are committed to bringing the highest value to investors


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